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The Treasury Sales Department ensures efficient client business through fast access to information about movements on the domestic and international financial market and hedging against currency and interest rate risk. To this end, we offer a comprehensive range of products tailored exactly to your needs, which you can contract free of charge:

  • FX spot
  • FX forward
  • Currency swap
  • Interest Rate swap (IRS)

FX SPOT (currency conversion at special rates)
For all FX transactions exceeding the HRK 75,000 equivalent of any currency on the exchange rates list, we offer a special exchange rate to be agreed directly with authorized persons in Treasury Sales. Depending on market movements at transaction closing, significant savings are possible with regard to the Bank’s regular rates.

FX FORWARD (forward sale/purchase of foreign currency)
FX forward transactions refer to the sale or purchase of currency at the rate fixed at transaction closing, with delivery on a predefined future date. The forward rate is determined depending on the current market rate and the difference in market interest rates for a particular currency pair, with settlement periods from 3 days to 12 months since the day of contracting, depending on the client’s requirements. This product is used for hedging against exchange rate risk and the future cash flows.

CURRENCY SWAP (bridging liquidity gaps between currencies)
Currency swap is a short-term exchange of one currency for another currency, where two transactions are performed concurrently: a spot foreign exchange transaction and a forward foreign exchange transaction. The future buying/selling rate is determined in the same was as for forward transactions.

The interest rate swap is the exchange of floating interest rates for fixed interest rates and vice versa to hedge against interest rate risk. The interest rate swap makes it possible to reduce the interest rate mismatch between assets and liabilities, hedge against interest rate increase (floating-for-fixed swap) and to reduce costs arising from interest payments (fixed-for-floating rate swap) in the event of decrease of reference interest rates (Euribor, Libor,...).


Anuška Miljanić
Head of Treasury sales department
tel: 01/6327-958
e-mail: [email protected]

Emil Slany
tel: 01/6327-980
e-mail: [email protected]

Boris Bakalić
tel: 021/304-620
e-mail: [email protected]

Tomislav Vorkapić
tel: 021/304-626
e-mail: [email protected]