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Is your child embarking on a course of study? Splitska banka offers you a loan at very favourable conditions and excellent interest rates, which will help you cover the expenses of enrolment in a public or private high school, college or university – in Croatia or abroad – as well as all types of postgraduate studies.

Intended for

Parents who want to enable their children to get the education they want; working individuals who want to pursue a part-time course of study.


  • Interest rate from 5.76%* (EIR from 6.12%**)
  • Possibility to increase the loan for book expenses
  • Covering enrolment expenses for a broad range of educational institutions


  • Loan amount: from 500 to 30,000 EUR
  • Repayment term: up to 10 years
  • Interest rate:
    • 5.76%* (EIR from 6.12%**) for persons receiving income to an account with Splitska banka
    • 6.76%* (EIR from 7.31%**) for persons not receiving income to an account with Splitska banka
  • Fees (can be covered from the loan):
    • 0.5% (min. HRK 200) for persons with income paid to an account with Splitska banka
    • 1% (min. HRK 200) for persons with income not paid to an account with Splitska banka
  • Possibility of 12-month repayment grace period (not included in the total repayment term):
    • at execution of the Loan Agreement
    • after loan utilisation – the grace period must be announced at least two months prior to expiry
  • Possibility of contracting a moratorium up to 12 months, which can be requested:
    • for loan utilisation – temporary break of studies for justified reason
    • for loan repayment – temporary repayment inability for justified reasons
  • Loan disbursement to the giro account of the university, college or secondary school according to the Bank’s selling exchange rate. The loan is drawn at once or in advances – 1 advance per year.
  • An extra loan amount, which can be used for any purpose you need, can be disbursed to your account. Together with this extra amount, equalling 25% of the loan amount, the loan should not exceed EUR 30,000.

* Variable interest rate loans are calculated as the sum of the variable 6M EURIBOR and unchangeable (fixed) part. EURIBOR is determined 30 days prior to the first day of application and is valid for the next 6 months. 

**EIR is calculated for the maximum repayment period, loan amount of 10.000 EUR and belonging fee.

Above conditions are valid till July 31, 2017 

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