Splitska banka OTP Group

Aged 14 to 18? Considering yourself too big for Zeko Zvecko children’s savings? Get a 2GOOD account and select your Young People’s Card to withdraw cash, top up your mobile account, purchase stuff you like, pay your school expenses and even save a bit. 2GOOD, isn’t it!?

2GOOD is for:

Young people aged 14 to 18


- cash withdrawals up to 300 kuna per day with the Young People’s Card (free of charge at OTP and Splitska banka ATMs and SB branch offices)
- purchases up to 200 per day at points of sale
- purchase discounts at over 150 points of sale

Other features

- buy GSM vouchers at ATMs
- make a savings deposit
- increase your daily cash withdrawal or purchase limit up to 1,000 kuna as agreed with your parent and the bank
- variable interest rate 0.05% p.a. for deposits in any currencies
- without any fee 

How to set up an account?

- Visit a Splitska banka branch with your parent or legal guardian and ask for 2GOOD
- To set up an account, you will need to present your birth certificate or personal ID and your parent’s or legal guardian’s personal ID