Splitska Banka

Principal protected fund with a fixed maturity day.

Fund's characteristics and objectives:

  • This fund is primarily intended for investors having income/savings in USD currency with long-term investment horizon
  • It is established for a fixed term of 5 years, and the basis of investment strategy is to hold units from the establishment of the fund until the end of the fund duration
  • Low-risk fund – invests into debt securities of the Republic of Croatia, deposits, investment funds, debt securities issued by local government, self-government or legal entity in the EU
  • The objective of the fund is to return initial investment at the end of the investment period without loss
  • This fund is not adequate for investors who intend to withdraw their money for the duration of the fund
  • Currency denomination: USD
  • Minimum initial investment: 1,000.00 USD

What do you get by investing into OTP Multi USD?

  • Realisation of the target yield of 7.73% with disbursement at the end of the period of duration of the Fund (1.5% at the annual level)

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