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Saving for a Goal

This new savings product helps you achieve your life goals easily and safely!
Your investment will generate double benefit – you will earn higher interest on savings and receive better loan conditions after the deposit matures.

Intended for:

Retail natural persons, residents of the Republic of Croatia.


  • Interest rate: fixed, EUR 1.50%; HRK 2.50%
  • Term: 5 years
  • Monthly payments on Saving by standing order
  • Minimum monthly payment: 30 EUR/250 HRK
  • Maximum total additional monthly payments: 500 EUR/4 000 HRK
  • Availability of deposit: after term expiry or at early closure


  • Double benefit on investment – higher interest rate on savings and better loan conditions after deposit maturity
  • Possibility of additional payments at the branch or by additional standing order
  • Option to contract several deposits in the same or other currencies (HRK or EUR)
  • Savings contract can include insurance in case of death by accident, with sum insured equalling 200% of your savings amount

Advantages after savings term expiry

  • After completion of the full savings term, the client has the right to special conditions (10% lower interest rate) when applying for a housing, cash or car loan
  • Loan amount: 3 x the saved amount paid by way of standing order (client can also take a lesser loan amount than offered)
  • Loan realisation period: one year after deposit expiry or the client can decide to continue saving
  • The right to special loan conditions can be used by the savings account holder (over 18 years of age) or the account holder can transfer this right to the spouse, any person having the same rights as the spouse according to marriage regulations, an adult child or grandchild; or this right can be used by the legal representative or guardian if the savings account holder is a minor at the time of loan application.