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Ritam account is a unique product of Splitska banka, combining the advantages of sight deposit and fixed-term deposit. The interest rate is dynamic and depends only on the account balance. You can dispose of your funds simply by using your account card.

Intended for

Resident natural persons (Ritam Forte), students (Ritam Student), children under 16 (Ritam Junior), users of Prestige, Depo and Depo Plus packages (Ritam Gold)


  • Your account card makes your funds are always readily available at Splitska banka branches or ATMs
  • Higher interest rate than for sight deposit
  • Ideal as the transfer account to fixed-term deposit
  • Flexibility – any amount can be paid the account at the branch, by standing order, online banking or at Splitska banka ATMs

Other characteristics:

  • Ritam account can be opened in kuna or euro
  • Account opening gift: 50 HRK/7 € (Ritam Student and Ritam Junior)
  • Minimum account balance: 150.00 HRK/20.00 EUR
  • Maximum account balance 75,000 HRK/10,000 EUR (Ritam Student and Ritam Junior)
  • Account closing fee: 50 HRK*
  • Daily information about the Ritam account balance at the branch, at ATMs or online
  • Interest accrual once a year

* charged for Ritam Student and Ritam Junior accounts only if the interest is less than 50 HRK at closing

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