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OTP Short Term Bond Fund is, in essence and nature, a low-risk fund.

The fund’s main investment objective is bonds with average maturity less than 3 years.

At least 75% of the fund’s assets will be invested in bonds at any time, most of it in government bonds of the Republic of Croatia.

By pursuing this investment strategy, the fund will try to achieve a yield comparable to the yield of Croatian debt securities with a one-year term to maturity.

Besides Croatian debt securities, the fund’s assets can be also invested in bank deposits, t-bills and commercial papers, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, other UCITS funds, option and forward contracts and other financial derivatives.

Characteristics and objectives of OTP Short Term Bond Fund

  • preserving the value of invested funds in EUR
  • high liquidity of invested funds and option to sell units at any time
  • conservative investment strategy, at least 75% of fund assets invested in bonds, mostly in Croatian government bonds
  • the fund’s aim is to achieve yield comparable to the yield of Croatian government debt securities with a one-year term to maturity
  • recommended investment horizont 1.5 - 2 years
  • not ideal for investors who intend to withdraw their investment in less than 3 months
  • minimum initial investment: EUR 100.00

What do you get by investing into OTP Short Term Bond Fund?

  • preserved value of investment in EUR while earning a stable yield on investment
  • conservative investment strategy with dispersion of total investment to the bond funds market segment

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