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Fund with moderate risk investment strategy

OTP Absolute Fund is an open-end investment fund with a public offering (UCITS Fund) aimed at participating in market growth while avoiding great market drops. It pursues a quantitative investment strategy to find innovative ways of investing into familiar asset classes (shares, bonds, gold, commodities, real estate, etc.), thus achieving lesser unit price oscillations than traditional mixed-asset funds.

In essence and nature it belongs to the medium-risk funds category.

The investment objective of OTP Absolute is to keep dependence on macro trends as low as possible and ensure stability in all periods of the economic cycle with:

  • adequate liquidity of invested funds and option to sell units at any time
  • dispersion by investing into investment fund units, securities and other financial instruments
  • access to markets or securities on developed and transitional markets that by be unavailable to individual investors.

The fund unit price is denominated in EUR, with a recommended investment horizont of 3 to 5 years. The management fee is 1.1% of the fund net assets value per year.

The minimum amount invested in the fund by an individual investor is EUR 100.00 (one hundred euro) or its HRK equivalent according to the Croatian National Bank middle rate prevailing on the payment date for payment in HRK.

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