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Kuna savings are suited for all who want to save in domestic currency. Upon expiry of the deposit term, return of the invested amount and payment of corresponding interest is guaranteed.

Intended for

Domestic or foreign natural persons (residents or non-residents) of age, minors with legal representative and wards with guardian.


  • fixed-term deposit already from 1,000 HRK 
  • attractive interest rate
  • possibility of choosing fixed or variable interest rates
  • long deposit terms

Other characteristics:

  • you can dispose of your funds even before the expiry of the contracted term – in this case, the interest rate for the closest actually completed term 
  • types of savings contracts (according to term renewal):
    • With automatic renewal (at fixed or variable interest rate) - upon expiry of the contracted term, your savings (principal + interest) automatically remain deposited for the same consecutive term, but at the rate valid at the beginning of the new term.
    • Without automatic renewal (at fixed ili variable interest rate) - upon expiry of the contracted term, your principal, increased by interest, is transferred to your sight deposit account.
  • interest on sight deposit is payable at the end of the calendar year
  • interest on fixed-term deposits is payable upon expiry of the contracted term

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