Splitska banka OTP Group

Annuity savings are suitable for all who want to use interest without breaking the term deposit. With this type of savings, interest is paid in agreed regular intervals as additional income.

Intended for

Resident and non-resident natural persons.


  • possibility to save in kuna and foreign currency
  • higher yield/interest on sight deposits
  • exact yield known in advance (with fixed interest rate savings)
  • choice of interest payment schedule according to your needs and plans


  • deposit term from 12 to 48 months*
  • payment of interest is contracted prior to maturity, on an exact date (monthly, three-monthly, semi-annually, annually).
  • pre-term contract cancellation is possible, in which case the interest rate for the actually completed term shall apply.
  • minimum deposit 5,000 HRK and 1,000.00 EUR/USD/CAD or 500.00 AUD

* for deposits in HRK and EUR