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Zeko Zvecko presents child savings from Splitska banka!

Child savings unites best features of standard deposit savings and bank accounts! You can deposit as much as you want, whenever you want in any branch of Splitska banka and if you want to withdraw your money*, you can do it even on ATMs and branches of Splitska banka using Zeko Zvecko savings card!

Child savings can only be contracted by child's parents, but no worry dear grandmothers, grandfathers, cousins and friends - in case you are not legal guardian of the child, Zeko Zvecko can be contracted as a gift!

Intended for

Children up 16 years of age


  • you choose amount and frequency of deposits
  • withdraws even on Bank's ATMs and in branches, which prevents impulse spending of child savings assets
  • can be contracted as a gift
  • possibility of savings in HRK and EUR

*Child Family Law allows infinite usage of assets on child savings account amounting up to HRK 10.000 monthly. Therefore, consent of Social services is not required for amounts up to HRK 10.000. Assets can be used for support, medical care, education, schooling and other important needs of the child.