Splitska banka OTP Group

Private banking of Splitska banka is exclusive service intended for wealthy clients. By individual approach and maximal discretion, our competent employees shall provide you with:

  • Support when managing your personal finances
  • Asset management advisory service
  • Intermediation in all types of banking services from our offer
  • Tailor made products to your individual needs

Platinum Package with VISA Platinum card is product especially intended for you:

  • With VISA platinum card you realize a number of advantages in hotels, restaurants and stores across the world.
  • You have the possibility of authorized card limit up to 100.000 HRK and consumer loan up to 60.000 HRK.
  • This product includes accident insurance and right to the medical and travelling assistance in Croatia and abroad; flight and luggage delay insurance, luggage loss insurance as well as travel cancellation or interruption insurance...

With Platinum Package you pay up to 50% lower management fee for cash loans and up to 30% lower management fee for housing loan.



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