Splitska banka OTP Group

For the safekeeping of all your valuables, we offer the possibility of renting safes of different sizes at our branch in Jurišićeva 2.

Intended for

All natural and legal persons, residents and non-residents of Croatia.


  • Protection of your valuables from theft
  • Protection of your valuables from fire/disaster

Other characteristics

  • The following can be deposited in safes deposit boxes:
    • Various kinds of material valuables (e.g. jewels)
    • Collections (e.g. numismatic collections)
    • Securities (e.g. share certificates)
    • Documents etc.
  • The following items cannot be deposited in safe deposit boxes:
    • Items that can
      • threaten the security of employees and premises of the Bank
      • damage safe deposit boxes and their contents (inflammable, explosive, radioactive materials etc.)
  • Both keys are kept by the safe deposit box holder, who is the only person, besides his/her authorised person, who can use the safe deposit box
  • The Bank can not enter the safe or check its contents during the term of rental.
  • If one or both keys get lost, expenses of the new key (or keys) and lock replacement are covered by the safe deposit box holder.


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