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SB SmartNet mobile banking

SB SmartNet mobile application is your portal into the world of online finances that you can use on the move and wherever you are. You can experience it right now on your smartphones with Android or iOS operating system. Just download the application using the QR code below this text and you can find out yourself, using the demo user, how is it like to manage your personal finances when you can access every option in just three swipes or taps!




Before you can activate the mobile banking service, you need to contract it in one of our branches or through SB SmartNet internet banking.

Whom is it for?

Individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs with internet access.


  • simple and fast workflow in all parts of application
  • categorization of transactions, budgeting and monitoring of expenses per category
  • contracting of new deposits
  • usage in line with how other applications work on mobile phones

How to get it

  • you can contract SB SmartNet mobile banking in any Splitska banka branch. However, if you already have internet banking, it is much simpler to contract, download and activate the mobile banking through your internet banking settings. Go to SETTINGS (a little cog at top right of the screen), then to 'SERVICES' and finally to 'CHANNEL MANAGEMENT' and just follow the instructions.