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It's time to take care of everything that makes your rooms and apartments more attractive for tourists! To refurbish interiors or stock up consumables in time, we offer you a specially designed tourist season preparation loan. The loan is fully adapted to its purpose: conditions are more convenient than with standard cash loans, approval is possible within 24 hours since delivery of documents and you can start repaying the principal when the season starts and fully repay it before the beginning of next season!

Intended for

Natural persons renting rooms or apartments, residents of Republic of Croatia. The loan beneficiary is every client who meets Credit Worthiness requirements and has account within Splitska banka for regular income or income from tourism.


  • Interest rate: 5.49%, EUR fixed (EIR 5.86%)*
  • Loan amount: from 1,000 to 10,000 EUR
  • Repayment term: 3-12 months
  • Fee: free of charge
  • Grace period: up to 6 months, with monthly interest payment
  • Credit Worthiness: Calculation is based on the documented revenues from the previous tourism season (will be taken up to 90% revenue) 
  • Payment/Repayment: at the CNB middle rate on the day of payment/repayment 

* Calculated for interest rate 5.49% EUR fixed, maximum amount and maximum repayment period 

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