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The main advantage of the Lombard loan is that you don’t need guarantors or additional collateral: your savings serve as collateral for your loan. Moreover, you first use the loan funds and can dispose of your savings plus interest after loan expiry. Lombard loans are granted in the currency of the deposit.

Intended for

Clients who need funding and can provide fixed-term deposit as loan collateral.


  • max. loan amount 95% of deposit amount
  • fixed interest rate for the entire loan term
  • no need to prove the loan purpose
  • principal plus interest disposable upon deposit term expiry


  • loan amount: 2,500 - 300,000 EUR
  • the fixed interest rate on the loan is calculated as the interest rate on the deposit (depending on the deposit term) plus:
    • 3.00 percentage points for loans up to 15,000 EUR
    • 2.50 percentage points for loans over 15,000 EUR
  • one-off loan processing fee 1%, at least 200 HRK