Notification for all participants in loans with CHF currency clause

In accordance with the provisions of the Act on Amendments to the Consumer Credit Act and the Act on Amendments to the Credit Institutions Act (OG 102/2015), in effect as of September 30th 2015, the Bank delivered within the legal period of 45 days from the day of the amendments coming into force the calculation for conversion of loans with CHF currency clause into loans with EUR currency clause to borrowers and other obligors (solidary debtor, solidary guarantor) under these loans, together with the proposal of a new or amended loan agreement as other prescribed documents. 

Splitska banka sent the following documentation to all loan participants by registered mail with notice of delivery: 

1. Letter - offer for currency conversion along with the outstanding loan amounts statement 

2. Repayment plan for the simulated loan with EUR currency clause

3. List of payments

4. Example of annex to the agreement or debt agreement

5. Username and password for access to Conversion calculator

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