Splitska banka OTP Group

You are going round in circles and you don't find a way out of the subtenancy or a solution for a bigger apartment? Therefore, you are trying to combine possible with impossible, mix apples with oranges or a wolf with sheep? In short, your chemistry has no results? The chemistry is not necessary, because we have a real formula for housing loans. 


Housing loan in EUR
fixed for the first 5 years


Amount 50.000 EUR
Interest rate 3,29% fixed for the first 5 years, 3,73% variable (6M NRS1 EUR+3,12 p.p.) for the remaining term
Fee till September 30, 2018
Bank covers property valuation costs
Free of charge
EIR 4,32%
Repayment term 30 years
Monthly annuity 219.97 EUR for the first 5 years, 230.73 EUR for the remaining term of 25 years 
Total amount repaid 82,450.77 EUR