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The credit card consumer loan can be used with certain merchants having a contract with Splitska banka. All you need is a current account where your regular monthly income is paid and a deferred debit card. The loan amount and monthly annuity are expressed in kuna.

Intended for

Bank clients with regular monthly income and deferred debit card holders.


  • using loans without the need to go to the bank
  • no notarization expenses
  • no guarantors or other collateral required


  • loan amount: from 1,000 to 30,000 HRK
  • Fixed interest rate: 8,79% (EIR 9,27)*
  • Repayment period: 2 years
  • Without fee
  • The client can have several sub-lines of credit with one or several different merchants up to the approved credit limit
  • The deferred debit card limit is not reduced by the approved loan amount
  • Loan authorization and signing of the Consumer Loan Agreement at points of sale of merchants having an arrangement with the Bank
  • Disbursement: in HRK, to the seller’s giro account (CNB’s middle exchange rate)
  • Repayment: in monthly annuities payable in HRK (CNB’s middle exchange rate), by debiting the current account on the 20th day of the month and with notice on the account statement
  • The client receives the loan repayment schedule from the Bank

*EIR is calculated for amount of 30.000kn, 2 years repayment period, without fee

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