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Western Union is one of the oldest companies providing express money transfer services at over 437,000 locations in 200 countries worldwide. Splitska banka became the first Western Union representative in Croatia as far back as in 1998.

The money transfer service enables a natural person to send money fast to another natural person to any place in the world where there is a Western Union agency. The Western Union security system guarantees payment to the recipient in just 10 minutes.

This service is intended for travellers and tourists in case of unexpected expenses abroad, students in foreign countries, people on temporary work in a foreign country, persons who have lost cash and documents etc. Fees

Intended for

Natural persons who want to make or receive fast money transfers from individuals abroad.


  • Fast money transfer to any place in the world where there is a Western Union agency (unrelated to any specific bank)
  • Safe money transfer
  • Money can be received within 10 minutes after it was sent

Western Union Centre

Tel: 021/344-687

Fax: 021/344-284

E-mail: [email protected]