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With this type of card, you pay monthly only a certain percentage (at least 5%) of due expenses with interest, which enables you to pay your purchase expenses in annuities. Since this type of card includes a revolving loan they are also called revolving cards. A revolving loan is a loan that is always renewed with repayment of the used loan portion, up to the contracted available card limit. This type of card can also function as a deferred debit card if you decide to settle the total amount of your expenses.


  • Purchase payment in annuities with merchants having a contract with the Bank
  • Possibility to select a percentage or a fixed amount of monthly repayment
  • Authorised current account overdraft
  • Defined card limit
  • Double security level when used on devices – chip and magnet card
  • Besides purchasing goods and services in Croatia and abroad, credit cards enable cash advances at ATMs – the required amount will be paid in kuna if you are in Croatia or in the corresponding foreign currency if you are abroad
  • Cardholders can use the so-called revolving loan

Select your card:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard