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By contracting standing order, you authorize the Bank to make regular payments in your name and for your account, in the amount which is in compliance with contracted terms and conditions. This type of payment is usual for payments of loan installments, transfer of funds from one account to another, payment of funds in favor of other accounts in the Bank or outside the Bank (such as, payment in favor of family members) etc.

There are two types of standing orders:

  • Standing order for money transfer– you define each element: amount, dynamics of transfer, transfer date, standing order duration and payment beneficiary, i.e. the account under which the standing order is opened
  • Direct debit – enables the payment of invoices to the companies with which the Bank has concluded the direct debit contract
    • Who is it intended for?

      It is intended for natural persons with current account.


      • You spare your time by avoiding waiting in the queue at our branch offices
      • You save your money because you do not have to pay penalty interests for delay in payment of your obligations

      Other features

      • You may contract standing order in Splitska banka branch offices or via Sbnet internet banking service
      • In combination with Ritam account, you may use it for obtaining the funds for further investment in fixed term deposit