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For any international financial transaction – receiving payments, making payments, etc. – you need a foreign currency account. Foreign currency accounts can be current accounts or giro account.

Foreign currency current account

Transaction account for the regular income you receive from a foreign country (foreign pensions, salaries, etc.). No document proving the account purpose is required to open the account.

  • Payments to the account - all kinds of cashless payments are possible, while cash payments are allowed only if made by the accountholder or the authorised person.
  • Payments from the account -all kinds of payments from the account are allowed; funds in the foreign currency account of a resident natural person can be also used to pay for imported goods and services and for other international payments, but not as capital transfers to foreign countries (unless specifically approved by the central bank)

Foreign currency giro account

A foreign currency giro account enables receiving funds from abroad and simple disposal of the account funds by using the VISA or Maestro Electron card. Sending and receiving foreign currency transfers is possible. Such accounts are often used, for example, by natural persons providing tourist services to non-residents.

Other characteristics

  • Interest is calculated and accrued on the foreign currency account at year-end
  • A foreign currency account with regular income (foreign pensions, salaries, etc.) can be the basis for having an authorised overdraft granted or purchasing a service package.