Splitska banka OTP Group

The current account enables you to perform cash and cashless payments and withdraw cash at ATMs. Besides you, a person authorised by you can dispose of the funds (up to the available account credit or authorised overdraft).

A current account can be:

  • with regular monthly income
    • included in a package
    • without package
  • without regular monthly income
    • included in a package – subject to fixed-term deposit

As the holder of a current account with regular income, you benefit from a number of advantages.


  • easy access to cash through our extended network of ATMs
  • authorised overdraft
  • SMS
  • SMS service
  • online banking
  • telephone banking
  • standing order
  • direct debit (payment order of regular services)
  • better lending conditions

Other characteristics

  • simple account opening procedure – only the personal identification card is required
  • sight deposit interest accruing on the current account at month-end
  • free account statement with due expenses (current account debit specification and date) once a month