Splitska banka OTP Group

Through its widely spread network of branch offices and business client centers the Bank offers to non residents innovative products fully tailored to suit their needs.

Based upon contracts concluded with non residents, the Bank offers the following services:

  • opening of kuna and foreign currency accounts 
  • opening of fixed term deposit accounts
  • execution of payments and transfer of non cash transactions
  • deposit and withdrawal of cash in compliance with foreign exchange regulations
  • creation of  account statements
  • issuing of VISA Business Electron cards
  • activities of Treasury Product Sale
  • calculation and adding of interest when closing  non resident accounts

Opening and maintaining of non resident business accounts

Non resident  account  may be opened by the following entities:

  • foreign legal entities
  • foreign diplomatic and consular representative offices
  • international missions
  • representative offices of foreign legal entities
  • foreign associations

Right to manage non resident accounts

  • non resident  legal person can authorize a resident to manage the account funds. It can also authorize a non resident , however, only if such non resident is employed with this non resident either abroad or in its organizational part in the Republic of Croatia
    • the authorized person can execute transactions in the name and for the account of the non resident in accordance with foreign exchange regulations, provided such authorized person  is not entitled to more rights than the account holder 
    • signature of the legal representative of the responsible person on the respective authorization for managing the account funds must be verified by competent domestic or foreign body or by correspondent bank, unless such signature has been personally deposited  with the Bank by legal representative or responsible person. Exceptionally, the verification of the signature by a competent body or correspondent bank can not be accepted if an off-shore country or a non-cooperative jurisdiction are in question

Domestic non cash payments
International non cash payments