Splitska banka OTP Group

We are long-standing player in the market of securities traded in Zagreb Stock Exchange and we are a member of Central Depository Agency. We offer you the following services:

Investment in equity securities

  • Brokerage in case of purchase/sale of all existing securities in the market (shares, bonds, rights etc.)
  • Reports on executed transactions to the clients
  • Providing the information on current supply and demand of all securities listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange
  • Transfer of ownership via SKDD (Central Depository and Clearing Company)
  • Transaction data storage
  • Issuer agent business
  • Securities underwriting
  • Provision of client-tailored services
  • Proxy representation at public auctions through the Zagreb Stock Exchange computer system

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Investment in debt securities

  • Bonds
  • Commercial bills
  • Min Fin T-bills
  • Treasury notes

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