Splitska banka OTP Group

SmartOffice is internet banking service which enables domestic business entities to manage their accounts and perform non cash transactions in kuna and foreign currencies.

This service requires the access to computer having the possibility to be connected to internet. The procedure of user authorization for using SmartOffice service may be made by token or smart card.

Why use Smart Office?

  • Direct communication with Splitska banka through simple and safe exchange of messages
  • Review of account balance and transactions (in kuna, in foreign currencies, regular transactions)
  • Review of daily and historical account statements as well as current announcements
  • Preferential conditions for execution of payments, high level protection of transferred data
  • Payment in kuna by individual input, creating of set of orders, sending pain001 file bulk order in XML format (upload)
  • International payment – foreign payment order by individual input or creating the set of orders
  • Giving the order for purchase/sale of foreign currency at currently effective or agreed exchange rate
  • Immediate execution of payment in favor of the accounts of other participants in transaction having the account opened with the Bank (without using the external system)
  • Giving the payment orders in advance with possibility of cancellation before value date
  • Possibility of giving the standing orders in domestic and international payments
  • Review of payments given by SmartOffice internet banking
  • Information about effective exchange rate
  • Possibility of creation of templates for domestic and international payments
  • Possibility of archiving the data on payment system beneficiaries
  • Possibility of adjusting the system and rights that suits the best the needs of beneficiaries



tel: 021/ 304-581; 021/ 304-582; 021/ 304-584; 091/ 2191-148
e-mail: [email protected]