Splitska banka OTP Group

You wish to offer your clients the possibility to select among different payment manners? Select the acceptance of all known types of debit, charge and credit cards and we, as principal of VISA, MasterCard and Maestro, shall offer you our services and assistance.


  • your clients can choose the payment manner
  • you are offered discount on slips

Other features

  • it is necessary to conclude the contract on accepting bank cards as means of payment.
  • All you need for your work shall be submitted to you within 30 days from the conclusion of such contract:
    • instructions for point of sale
    • imprinter (manual processing) or POS (electronic device), at the option of a merchant
    • user and collective slips
    • POS tapes
    • instructions for invoice issuing place
    • stickers for points of sale (Visa, MC, Maestro)

Commission approved to us for the value of goods and services sold is defined by your activity, while the manner of transaction processing - manual or electronic – defines the period within which we are obliged to pay our obligations.

Sale of goods by installment

After signing the contract, you can also offer your clients the possibility to pay the purchased goods through a consumer loan, i.e. in 2 to 24 installments, provided they are users of one of our packages.

Automatic collection of goods sold by installment

Instead of making collection under each installment for the next 12 months, this way of selling goods by installment enables you to make immediate collection on EFT POS terminal for the goods sold. Within 5 days from executing the transaction you will get the whole amount of the transaction reduced by the cost of basic and additional fee according to the number of installments. Of course, your clients are free of any additional costs.