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Non cash payments

As a member of large banking group Societe Generale, we have tradition, knowledge and wide network of correspondent banks. Through the parent bank in Paris, we are allowed to use all payment systems (EBA, TARGET) of European Union countries.

We provide you with:

  • fast, correct and safe execution of payment orders
  • fast and automated delivery of notice on executed transactions
  • utilization of banking services outside branch office
  • affordable and competitive commissions
  • advantages in execution of payment orders in EUR for payment beneficiaries in EU countries


Please be informed that Splitska banka is now included in the SEPA Credit Transfer Register of Participants, which the European Payments Council announced on 13 June 2014. As of 07 July 2014 Splitska banka shall be reachable for credit transfers which are issued by a payer from any member country according to Article 3 of the Regulation (EU) No. 260/2012.

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IBAN – International Bank Account Number

Cash payments

Collections and payments in cash that may be in kuna, foreign currency or cheques in the Republic of Croatia are regulated by National Payment System Act and corresponding decisions of Croatian National Bank.

In case of foreign currency deposits in cash it is necessary to act according to the provisions of the Implementing regulation of the Anti-Money Laundering Act in order to identify suspicious transactions where the real source of money or assets is not obvious, or rights for which there is a reasonable doubt that they are obtained in illegal way in Croatia or abroad and undertake other actions which are significant for development of anti-money laundering prevention..

Foreign currency cash and cheques transactions
Kuna cash transactions
Disbursement of foreign currency cash