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If you want speed up company's cash flow, i.e. convert receivables towards clients into money (cash), we invite you to choose our factoring service. It is specific financial service where you sell us your receivables, i.e. unsecured and, in principle, short-term assets. Besides the purchase of receivables, we offer you insurance of foreign receivables and purchase of receivables towards foreign buyers without recourse. The Bank is a member of international factoring organization FCI (Factor Chain International) and provides the service of international factoring (import and export factoring) to the exporters in 72 countries all over the world, in compliance with the rules and standards of international factoring.

Who is it intended for?

It is intended for legal entities having unpaid receivables towards the buyers, on the basis of delivered goods and services.


  • Fast and simple way of financing the operations
  • Liquidity improvement and speeding up cash flow
  • Increase of creditworthiness and solvency (in case of factoring without recourse)
  • Decreased risk of collection (in case of factoring without recourse)
  • More competitive conditions of sale because with the transfer of receivables to the Factor you enable the lending of the buyers without additional guarantees

Other features

  • Factoring is financing based on the invoice. That means that larger amount or total amount of invoice (70%-100%), reduced by the amount of interest rate and commission (or only by commission and interest rate shall be calculated and paid upon collection of the invoice), is paid in advance, i.e. before maturity.
  • After the invoice has been paid in full by the Debtor, the Factor (Bank) disburses to the Creditor remaining amount of invoice, reduced by the amount of interest rate (if interest rate has been neither calculated nor paid during disbursement of the advance) and by possible additional costs.

Types of factoring:


Reverse factoring

We contract Master Agreement on Purchase Factoring with debtor, according to which we are obligated to purchase all receivables of suppliers’ debtors.

Selective factoring with recourse right

This type of factoring enables a company (buyer) to purchase receivables towards debtors approved (selected) by the Bank.

Individual purchase of invoices with recourse right

The Bank continuously monitors the movements in the market and carries out necessary analysis of business entities, so the individual purchase of invoices may be contracted fast and without additional procedures.


International factoring services are mostly used as an alternative for other insurance/financing of the export (such as documentary L/C, payment guarantee, export insurance, short-term loans for liquidity etc.).

Export factoring

Export factoring is intended for the companies selling their goods and services in international markets.

Import factoring

In case of import factoring, we carry out the collection of receivables from Croatian company (importer) and we carry out the collection of receivables that foreign supplier has towards the importer.

If you are interested in this financing form, contact us immediately:

  • Nives Rudež, Head of Factoring Team, tel.: 01/6327-405
  • Branko Lesjak, Factoring Sales Specialist, tel.: 01/6327-607
  • Tomislav Vojak, Factoring Sales Specialist tel.: 01/6327-945
  • Ante Sabljić, Floor Plan Coordinator, mob.: 099/2528-273