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EU funds represent an opportunity for entrepreneurs in three different ways:

  1. Entrepreneurs can apply their own projects for financing from different programs for granting non-refundable funds or grants, financed from EU funds in Croatia or on the level of the EU, e.g. from different EU programs;
  2. Entrepreneurs can apply for public tenders as contractors, service providers or suppliers for projects that are already being financed from the EU funds and programmes;
  3. When and if Croatia implements mechanisms for utilizing EU funds as financial instruments, such as, for example, loans, venture capital or guarantees, entrepreneurs will have a quicker and easier access to capital. The model of utilization has to be developed by the authorities in public administration, and the funds are channelled through public of business banks or other financial agencies (in Croatia these mechanisms are still in preparation phase, it was announced that they can be expected no sooner than 2016).