Splitska banka OTP Group

The investments represent significant instrument of increase of total profitability of each company, so the Bank offers the range of savings and investment products tailored to each individual client. We offer you short-term and long-term deposits with competitive interest yields.

Sight deposits

You manage the funds in kuna or foreign currency deposited at sight, as you wish. You realize the interest rate on deposit at sight in accordance with the Decision on Interest Rates of Splitska banka.

Fixed-term deposits

You can make deposit of funds in kuna or foreign currency for a fixed period of time and obtain the interest rate in line with the Decision on Interest Rates of Splitska banka, current situation on the market, the amount of deposit and the overall business relationship.

Ritam savings account for craftsmen

Ritam account is a unique product of Splitska banka, combining the advantages of sight deposit and fixed-term deposit. You can dispose of your funds simply by using your account Advantages:

  • Your account card makes your funds are always readily available at Splitska banka branches or ATMs
  • Higher interest rate than for sight deposit
  • Ideal as the transfer account to fixed-term deposit
  • Flexibility-any amount can be paid the account at the branch, by standing order, online banking or at Splitska banka ATMs

Deposit Insurance

Société Générale-Splitska banka d.d. takes part in the deposit insurance system of the State Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Resolution which insures up to 100,000 euro* per individual depositor

*In kuna equivalent, according to the mean exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank valid on the day of occurrence of the insured event.

On July 25th 2015 the new Deposit Insurance Act (OG 82/15) came into force. You can find more information about the system of deposit insurance in the document Basic information on deposit insurance in all of our branch offices and by inquiry to the State Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Resolution.