Splitska banka OTP Group

For each type of card payments we offer you products of our VISA partner. Each of these cards is issued to legal and natural persons performing the registered activity and having its registered seat in the Republic of Croatia, with possibility of using it in Croatia or abroad:

  • VISA Business Electron (debit card)
  • VISA Business (deferred debit card)
  • VISA Business Gold (deferred debit)

Why use cards?

  • to pay for goods and services at points of sale
  • to withdraw cash at ATMs and buy GSM coupons free of banking charge
  • for online purchases, hotel bookings, flight ticket reservations, etc.
  • to reduce the need to carry big cash amounts
  • no need for currency conversion when paying abroad

In case of stolen or lost credit card or if the card is captured in ATM you should call 021-347 200 or 0800 0210 or send a fax to 021-344 284 (Authorization Unit).

If you are traveling abroad the service Visa Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS) is at your disposal, Tel.: +1 410 581 9994 or fax: +1 410 581 606.