Splitska banka OTP Group

SmartBizz is the new Internet banking of Splitska banka for business users, enabling account management and cashless kuna and foreign currency payments. To use SmartBizz, all you need is a PC with internet access to perform authorisation with token, SmartCard or SmartCard reader.

After login to SmartBizz:

  • You can select the application language: Croatian / English  
  • You can select application functionalities to be displayed on your homepage  
  • You can use the application simultaneously for several companies for which you are authorised. Authorisations may differ for each individual company, while the ID device and username is the same
  • You can select a preferred account, statement format, security image  
  • You have access to user details and the option to modify them   

SmartBizz enables:

  • Checking account details,  balance, movements and overdrafts
  • Viewing and downloading account statements in PDF, CAMT.053, HUB, MT940 formats
  • Viewing and downloading R1 invoices in PDF format
  • Viewing and opening new term deposits  
  • Exchange rates list information  
  • Information on banking fees for products and services  
  • Entry and management of payees/payment templates  
  • Making and executing domestic payment orders (in and outside the Bank) and international payment orders
  • Making and executing transfer orders between accounts of the same company  
  • Making and executing foreign currency transfer and conversion orders between accounts of the same company at standard or contracted foreign exchange rates  
  • Making and executing cash disbursement orders  
  • Importing payment files in PAIN.001 format or user-defined CSV format  
  • Importing payees in user-defined CSV format 
  • Export to user-defined CSV format: account movements, payees and payment templates  
  • Cards overview: reserved amounts, transactions and statements for debit and deferred debit cards  
  • Liabilities overview: active global lines, loans, guarantees and LCs  

SmartBizz communication:

  • You can communicate with user support service by sending and receiving messages  
  • You can chose to receive e-mail or SmartBizz notifications on accepted payments, successfully executed payments, rejected payments, pending payments, successful or failed downloading of files, successful login, failed login attempts, blocked service, deposit due date